Saturday, February 28, 2015

Only one thought at a time - Make it positive!


Can you see the Young Woman?
Can you see the Older Woman?

Bet you can't see them both at the same time.

Read on!

How about Thoughts and feelings at the same time?

Our minds cannot think of two thoughts simultaneously. It physically cannot be done.
For example, you cannot think about picking your daughter up from a soccer game and what to fix for dinner at the same time. The reality is your mind is switching back and forth between the two very dissimilar thoughts. You might feel that they are inter-related (your daughter will be hungry when she gets home) and that you are thinking two different thoughts.

But consider this: your feelings follow your thoughts and you cannot physically feel more than one feeling at a time.

You cannot be happy and sad at the same time. You cannot be loving and angry at the same time. It simply cannot be done.
It may feel like you are thinking more than one thought or feeling more than one feeling at a time … in fact, sometimes it feels like millions – doesn’t it?

Your feelings follow your thoughts. So if you think it, chances are good that you’ll feel it. And sometimes your feelings will lead you to do something that’s self destructive or bad for you.

But, here’s the good newsYou can shift this pattern by hitting the “stop” button as soon as you think the thought. You can put on the brakes before your thought turns into a feeling which turns into a reaction which starts the downward spiral of self-destruction.

In the beginning it may be difficult to “catch” the thought before it becomes a feeling. But with practice you will soon recognize when your brain is going someplace you’d rather not be.
You will begin to find your “reset” button and when a negative thought crops up, you can rewind your thoughts to something positive, fun and loving. When you do this often enough, your old habitual patterns will dissolve and your new way of thinking will create new patterns of behavior.

Why not just do it?

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