Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Excitement of Discipline

"A Smart Thought."

The excitement of discipline.
Is this an oxymoron? Who cares? Go for it.

To be excited about discipline is the place to start when making any kind of change in your life. While motivation gets the change started it's discipline that gets it done.

Is the best you can do all you can do? The answer is No!

Suppose you fell to the floor right now and did as many push ups as you possibly could. Now let's say the best you could do is 5. You look at me and you say, "Hey Jim, 5 is the best I can do." And maybe it's true that 5 is the best you can do.

But is 5 all you can do? The answer is No! If you rest a little while you can do 5 more. and you rest a little more, you can do 5 more. How did you go from 5 to 15?

It's a miracle!

Did you know you can keep on doing that: Do a little, rest a little. Suddenly, you've gone from 5 to 25. How did that happen?

It's a miracle!

Would you believe: Discipline and a little rest built into your change plan will deliver you a miracle.

It's not the notes that make the music. It's the space between the notes that does the job. It's not stress that does you in. It's the lack of building a little recovery time in between that keeps you from being the best you can be.

As "Human's Doing" we have a major focus on end-results/accomplishments and fail to remember we are "Human Beings." Unlike machines we require mental, physical and spiritual maintenance time. It's well known by highly successful "Human Beings" that a disciplined/scheduled maintenance program in all three categories will let you be the best they can be as a "Human Doing.

"Working smarter and not harder will bring the most success - Go for it!!!!