Monday, July 27, 2009

On Being Positive...

Why is a positive and proactive attitude so important? Because it actually changes our physiology... causing our bodies to heal themselves!

What’ca think?

A recent article entitled "Mind Over Matter” appearing in a publication called "Health Features" reported…

"Positive thoughts can be as effective as drugs in beating diseases. Studies show preventive medicine may soon be more than just monitoring your vegetable intake and exercise levels, and include how many negative thoughts go through your head in a day.

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that a patient's beliefs and hopes affect their prognosis.

One of the major contributors to maintaining health and removing disease is the attitude of the patient, says Professor Oakley Ray, a psychologist from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

He reviewed one hundred years of research on psychology and disease for a paper published in American Psychiatrist and concluded that WORDS can have the same effect as DRUGS; thinking optimistically can change your whole biology.

Ray quotes a wide range of evidence including various studies linking mind set to heart disease. One such study from the Harvard School of Public Health established that optimism lowers the risk of heart disease in older men while pessimism and hopelessness increase it. There is strong evidence that patients with heart disease who feel hopeless about their condition do worse.”

It has always appeared to me that people with a positive attitude (and equally positive self-talk) were significantly more successful, well-balanced and effective than people who go through life with a negative, self-defeating attitude.

The bottom line is, while positive WORDS may not be a miracle drug... what if they are and you refuse to accept the miracle?!!!

If for no other reason, find a way to inject POSITIVE words into your life each day, and maybe MIRACLES will find there way into your life as well!

Go Miracles!
Picture - Butch from Our Gang - The original Little Rascals movie.