Sunday, May 17, 2009


Be a better you.
Improve your communication with another person.

A few tips from Linda Talley, "The Body Language Expert" to use at home or at the office.

So simple to do. No energy needed.

1. Instead of talking to another person using “hitler” hands, turn them around with palms facing up. This is less threatening and indicates a desire for “coming together” in community. People will tend to be more open with you during discussions or giving feedback.
2. If you’re sitting down, instead of leaning back in your chair, lean towards the other person. This shows interest and empathy.
3. Move your chair so that you’re sitting at a 45 degree angle to the other person vs the confrontational position where you are directly across/in front of them. This helps the other person relax by taking pressure off the conversation.
4. Keep your legs and arms uncrossed. Many people tell me it’s just comfortable for them to sit with their legs or arms crossed and my response is: “Yes, but what does it make the other person feel like?”
5. Refuse to walk and talk about business. It’s a waste of time anyway because neither one of you are listening to what is being said. You are watching the other person’s movement. When you really want to understand the other person, stand still, in an open, positive position and talk or listen.

When you make the other person comfortable, they will relax, exhale and you will learn a lot more about them.