Saturday, April 18, 2009

Social Intelligence

Being a better You by increasing your Self-Management.

Self-management is your ability to use awareness of your emotions to actively choose what you say and do.
1. Breathe Right
2. Create an Emotion vs. Reason List
3. Make Your Goals Public
4. Count to Ten
5. Sleep On It
6. Talk To a Skilled Self-Manager
7. Smile and Laugh More
8. Set Aside Some Time in Your Day for Problem
9. Take Control of Your Self-Talk
10. Visualize Yourself Succeeding
11. Clean Up Your Sleep Hygiene
12. Focus Your Attention on Your Freedoms Rather than
Your Limitations
13. Stay Synchronized
14. Speak to Someone Who is Not Emotionally Invested
in Your Problem
15. Learn a Valuable Lesson from Everyone You
16. Put a Mental Recharge into Your Schedule
17. Accept That Change is Just around the Corner
Go on and do it!
Be a better you.
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