Thursday, December 25, 2008

Survival of the Fittest

Managing your career in an unstable economy requires most of the same strategies you need during a strong economy. The working smarter strategy will go a long way in helping insure you will keep your job during these troubled economic times. Here is a list of important ways to work smarter shared by “Mind Tools”.

1. Connect your work with the bottom line.
2. Be flexible with your priorities.
3. Stand out from your co-workers.
4. Be visible.
5. Promote yourself.
6. Build interpersonal skills.
7. Keep track of what you do.
8. Maintain a clean work area.
9. Control costs.
10. Keep working positively.

Survival action.

Copy this list. Then begin the next 30 days by reviewing the list and selecting at least one item each day to work on. Keep a journal of your actions.