Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coaching - How I work.

Jim Wilson, Personal Development and Business Coach.

The top 10 things
clients need to understand
about my coaching.

1. I am completely confidential - I don't talk about my client's issues to anyone.

2. I work on a Monthly basis - I believe in an ongoing, nurturing and developing relationship. I usually offer 2 to 4 sessions a month.

3. Coaching, not therapy - Professional Coaches work only with clients who can use us well. I am not a therapist, parent, caretaker, or financial planner. I refer clients to the best available professionals for their psychological, health and financial concerns. I help clients reach goals.

4. I'm paid in advance - I'm paid monthly, in advance, for individual coaching. I don't bill for each session.

5. My job is to share what I see and sense - I don't solve my client's problems. My clients have the answers within themselves. I share wisdom, steps, solutions and advice, but will not create a dependency.

6. I coach each client differently - It's up to my client to ask me to coach them differently, if needed. There are many personality styles of coaching and the client needs to suggest style changes to the coach.

7. I ask for more - My job is to ask for more than my clients can reasonably do. I may ask for the moon and settle for the stars. My clients can always decline or negotiate.

8. I am your success partner - I choose not to be your cattle prod or accountability service. I want to support you to take actions. My best coaching occurs when my client is self-generative Vs being pushed.

9. I work with you as a person - I need to help my clients reach their goals and solve problems, but I also want to know who my client is, where he/she comes from, where he/she is at, how he/she thinks, assumptions he/she has made, what motivates him/her, etc.

10. I strive for the Ah-Ahs - The value of coaching isn't based on how much time is spent coaching. Great coaching can occur in 60 seconds - when the right thing is said in the right way, my client leaps forward.

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