Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time - What model do you choose?

Jay Wilson writes after reading earlier posts on Time Management.

"I especially liked the quotes on Time. I am quite fascinated with time and have many web sites on my favorite places to read about it. It could be argued that there is no time as such only and everlasting present moment. Ponder that one. It could also be argued that there was a beginning to time when the universe was created namely by God and there will be no end to time or that the universe has always existed therefore time has always existed, eternally and infinitely.

What model do you choose?

I'm not positive which model I choose but lean toward the idea that God was the creator of it and there was a beginning to time and space because if there were infinite space and infinite time nothing would or could exist. Infinite space and time are a logical impossibility. If time and space went infinitely in the past and into the future nothing would or could exist."