Sunday, January 25, 2009

Six Myths of Coaching

The Real Jim Wilson

Would you like to be more successful?
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As a business and personal development coach I find that many people have preconceived notions about the concept of “Coaching”. If you would like to hire a coach, the following “realities” about coaching will help you in the decision process.

Myth: Find a coach that has a similar personality to yours.
Reality: Coaching is about growth and commitment. Having someone of the same personality may limit your growth and development. Having a coach of a different personality style may offer a fresh perspective and force you to go outside your comfort zone to reach new potential.

Myth: Professional Coaching focuses strictly on your professional life.
Reality: You cannot totally separate your personal life from your work. A coach has to be ready to listen to any and all challenges. Coaching is about personal growth and development that can help people grow professionally.

Myth: You have the questions and your Coach has the answers.
Reality: Not always true. Many of the answers are inside you and a good coach will help you discover them. A coach needs to be a good listener first. He or she needs to correctly identify the areas of improvement and not always give advice or criticism.

Myth: Coaching is only for trouble or poor performing people.
Reality: The best coaching clients are the ones who have potential and are not reaching it or employees who have reached a stumbling block or plateau. It is much better to introduce coaching too early rather than too late.

Myth: You can’t change a person's personality. Therefore, coaching is limited in how far it can help.
Reality: True, you can’t necessarily change someone’s personality. However, coaching can give you a new awareness and new skills to help you change your behavior.

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