Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thoughts about Goal setting for 2015

 A thinking document to prepare you to begin to set next year's Life and Business Goals.

Tomorrow I will work on my Goals for 2015.

But, today I am going to be brutally honest and review my 2015 results answering the following…
  • How did I do against my personal mission?                            "To live a balanced lifestyle that will allow me to fully appreciate and love my family, friends, and work; to develop a healthy body, mind and spiritual consciousness that will allow me to have fun, be happy and to live to at least 100; and, through Wilson Motivational help others become energized to find their way to personal and professional success.” April 1998 
Some specific questions…
  • Did I spend more or less time with the people I love ... my family and friends?
  • Did I make more money?
  • Did my net worth grow or shrink?
  • Did I travel as much as I wanted?
  • Did I have more free time?
  • Did I reduce or eliminate any *debt*?
  • Did my lifestyle expand ... or shrink?
A Challenge to you…

Why not go over your mission and the specific questions as they apply to you?

When you are ready - go for it! Set your life and business goals for 2015!

Need some thinking help about next year's goals?  

Let me know if I can help?

The Real JimWilson