Saturday, February 28, 2015

Elephants Don't Bite

It's not the big things that get you.
It's the little things. The Gnats, Mosquitoes, and no see'um.

If you are not taking a look at the small details, you could be doing yourself a dis-service.

Have you noticed lately how you smile or don’t smile? Your tone of voice, charged up or charged down? The first impression you make with your style of clothing? How you greet people—the handshake, saying their name or introducing yourself? Remembering their face or the last time you talked?

All important and yet small details. However, these small details define you, your personal brand, your ability to create and build relationships and ultimately your success!

If you don’t:
1. have the business success you want
2. have the network you want
3. have the clients/customers you want
4. have the friends you want
5. have the support/resource system you want
6. have the financial success you want

it may be because you are not taking care of the small details. Many entrepreneurs hate to deal with the small details and this is their downfall. You must remember what Darrell Royal said, “you gotta dance with who brung ya.” And, it’s usually the small steps, the small details, the nuances of body language.

Now is the time to focus and be a better you.

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